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50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg – 21 Questions – 2009

50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg - 21 Questions

Versuri: 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg – 21 Questions

I just want to chill and twist the lye
Catch stunts in my 745
You drive me crazy, shorty
I need to see you and feel you next to me
I provide everything you need and I
Like your smile, I don’t want to see you cry
Got some questions that I got to ask and I
Hope you can come up with the answers, babe

Girl, it’s easy to love me now
Would you love me if I was down and out?
Would you still have love for me?

If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me?
If I didn’t smell so good would you still hug me?
If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century
Could I count on you to be there to support me mentally?
If I went back to a hoopty from a Benz
Would you poof and disappear like some of my friends?
If I was hit and I was hurt would you be by my side?
If it was time to put in work would you be down to ride?
I get out and peel a nigga cap, chill and drive
I’m asking questions to find out how you feel inside
If I ain’t rap cause I flip burgers at Burger King
Would you be ashamed to tell your friends you’re feeling me?
In the bed if I used my tongue would you like that?
If I wrote you a love letter would you write back?
Now we can have a little drink, you know, a nightcap
And we could go do what you like, I know you like that

Now would you leave me if your father found out I was thugging?
Do you believe me when I tell you you the one I’m loving?
Are you mad cause I’m asking you 21 questions?
Are you my soulmate? Cause if so girl you a blessing
Do you trust me enough to tell me your dreams?
I’m staring at ya trying to figure how you got in them jeans
If I was down would you say things to make me smile?
I treat you how you want to be treated, just teach me how
If I was with some other chick and someone happened to see
And when you asked me about it I said it wasn’t me
Would you believe me or up and leave me?
How deep is our bond if that’s all it takes for you to be gone?
We only humans, girl, we make mistakes
To make it up, I’ll do whatever it takes
I love you like a fat kid love cake
You know my style, I say anything to make you smile

Could you love me in a Bentley?
Could you love me on a bus?
I’ll ask 21 questions and they all about us

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